About this project

This project represents a custom tailored software solution for a highly efficient network of clinics in Denmark. Prima-Care is a young company that has grown rapidly in the past two years mainly due to the combination of an experienced management team, a strong network of clinics and a highly efficient software platform built by The network offers a high quality service to the patients and to the insurance providers by finding the right treatments and automating all administrative work.

We’ve taken several aspects into consideration Quality & innovation, Data security & EU legislation, ownership/dependency towards DSS, future customers’ look on a foreign supplier etc. When it comes to IBORN's ability to deliver a stabile portal and swift problem solving, the last 8 months have been very good! Per Gade, Adm. direktør,PrimaCare A/S

About this project

Our client accumulated over 2.3 billion news articles and posts from various sources, over the course of more than 15 years. They wanted to expose that rich dataset to analyse data for their clients through an easy to use and familiar web solution, but had no way of accomplishing satisfying performance with the existing technology. They were looking for a big data solution which would provide the needed storage capacity, performance considerations and custom searching language that will offer all the needed options for the end clients.


I found the visit very pleasant and inspiring, and I'm sure it will improve our already fine cooperation. Sjaak Janssen​, CTO Clipit


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