We are focused on providing the most competent and complete software development service that meets our clients’ needs and offer a full-time support, always meeting deadlines.

We provide fast growing, inventive environment and open minded and extremely fun culture at the same time!

The team includes young and success-driven professionals, skilled web application developers and QA specialists, which are led by an experienced project managers with extended experience.

At the same time, we are eager to support and collaborate with the students from the IT University in Skopje and are willing to offer a job opportunity for the best and the brightest in their graduating class.

Our Values


Create opportunities! Win as a passionate team! Lead with integrity! Build relationships! Excellence! Customer centricity!


We establish a company policy and intention that provide our customers with quality products and delivery on time. We ensure customer satisfaction which is ensured by our high-performance and innovation! Quality is what we aim and what we provide!


We are constantly up to date with the market change! Our success-driven model is our own challenge and we intent to provide best service to our customers. Making the best of it!


A commitment to sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way. A commitment to innovation and excellence. A commitment to doing good for the whole. We want to invest in people!
Our Team


Quality Assurance


Sounds interesting??

If you are intrigued by the challenge and willing to gain practical

skills in the development process, feel free to contact us.