Melino - Music Management as a Service


One of the highlights in 2017 was our first collaboration made in the music industry. We started to work with melino, a record label management company from Berlin thatprovides services and software to help the work of record companies. As the famous artist and their client, Shaun Baker says, “We can focus on music. melino does the rest.”


A great challenge of melino’s core management team was handling customer requirements and fixes on their software. We created a tech support system to enable melino’s work on real business. Our big goal is for iborn to become the tech backbone of supporting the scalability of melino in the digital music industry.


The software helps music labels with product reviews, contracts, sales, royalty statements, promotion and other administrative tasks. The product was built with an outdated programming code that limited the scalability of the software, which has resulted in a significant growth of technical challenges as melino’s business is growing. We decided to put our hands on supporting the technical growth and development of melino.


The first step of our journey in working together is to rebuild the main software of melino - core db from scratch. 

The process

Аdd and store all the artist, tracks and products data in one place.This data can be used in creating contracts, promotion, license management and others.


Easy creation of complex contracts with advanced options [combination of products and/or tracks, profit share based on territory, number of units sold etc.].


This feature takes the pain out of royalty accounting of the music record companies. It allows generation of statements, importing excel files with sales data and synchronization of this data.