What we do


From ideas to fully operational systems, product development is what we take pride in and love doing. Exceptional products have been born on our whiteboard and developed into stable and scalable solutions.

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We have a passion for technology and that, combined with our significant experience leads to a development of great software.

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Our consultancy services are designed to help our clients enhance their IT capabilities by making the right technical decisions and deliver the best business value.

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We Specialize In

The purpose of technology in healthcare is to improve the speed and quality of healthcare services and reduce the operating costs at the same time.

Insurance is a fast growing business, and that success is in large part owed to IT solutions that help automatize processes, archive data, access needed information, integrate product catalogues and business rules, keep track of client related data, create offers, integrate communication with clients, automatically create purchase and sales invoices, do reporting and analysis and what not.

GDPR defines the minimum standards for securing, handling and sharing personal data of EU inhabitants.

The necessity of functional, attractive and user friendly website is indispensable. 

Our Projects

One of the iborn.net highlights in 2017 was our first collaboration made in the music industry. We started to work with melino, a record label management company from Berlin thatprovides services and software to help the work of record companies.

Our client accumulated over 2.3 billion news articles and posts from various sources, over the course of more than 15 years. 



Let us know your ideas, we could be able to help.

We are passionate about sharing knowledge and building things.

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