Our team is continuously improving their skills and advancing its knowledge. Our team member Mitko Chakalov held a presentation about React.js and Flux Architecture. The presentation took place in our offices, on 26-th of February. React.js React is a flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Many people see React as the V in MVC. It is used by Facebook and Instagram. It is claimed to be a solution for one problem - building large applications with data that changes over time. The virtual DOM and data flow are very powerful features in React. Resources: React.js Flux Architecture Flux is used by Facebook for building client-side web applications. Flux applications consist of three components: the dispatcher, the stores and the views and it complements React. Resources: Flux Architecture After the presentation, we had a discussion and encouraged Mitko for further work and projects. Have a look at some of our photos:

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on February 26, 2015