How to turn your internship into a job

Getting a stable job can be a real feat when you do not know where to start. The effort, the energy, and the professionalism showed by the students or graduates in the places of internship can determine if they will stay as employees there or not.

Many companies tend to hire new employees through a system of internships, for which the interns must spend a certain number of months learning how the company works and developing their skills and then move on to a full-time job.

The main problem is that sometimes the internship extends too much and the young people fail to get a job contract that meets their expectations. In this article, we tell you what are the keys to ensure the opportunity to get a job in our company after three months of internship.

1. Show commitment

They say that actions say much more than words. Well, not only is it enough to want to keep the job, it's about showing it. This is why the sense of responsibility, belonging and commitment should always be reflected in the work you deliver. If there is a chance your internship to continue into a professional career, these three ingredients are fundamental. It is not about doing it because someone is observing you, but because it is the work that talks about how professional or not someone is.

2. Take initiative

If you don’t have anything to do, find something. You should not wait for someone to ask you to do something. Show that you are able to take charge of things by being proactive. If you don’t have meetings where to present your ideas, you can request an appointment with your mentor . The important thing is that you make yourself noticed in a good way.

3. Follow the instructions

Attention to detail is a major selling point for employees because it shows your superiors that you are trustworthy, no matter how small the task. So whether you’re asked to watch a tutorial about something or put the dishes to the washing machine, be sure you’re thorough and follow the directions completely.

4. Don’t be an average intern

If there are many interns in your company and this is a common practice, it is important that you look for a way to stand out.
Work hard every day, take courses that make you differentiate from the others, look for the possibility of taking on more responsibilities, etc. The path you take is your choice, but the important thing is that you manage to stand out for your professional skills or personal qualities.

5. Ask for feedback

Sometimes you may think that you are giving everything but that those who must evaluate it do not see it in the same way. Therefore it is always good to ask how you are going, and request that they give you a feedback on what your work seems to them.

The internships are that window to your professional future, and you should not underestimate them, because they offer you the chance to gain practical knowledge and to learn from working on real projects and tasks.

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on November 28, 2018