Sara Ilievska

If you’re reading this, you probably have a great idea for a web project or an app. I’m sure that you already know all the alternatives to do it. You have a friend of a friend who develops everything very cheap, a garage full of programmers in India, freelancers, outsourcing software development company, and even do it by yourself.

Every day thousands of new software products are available for almost anyone and for everything.

Today we’ve attended the presentation of the new project "Improved good governance of state-owned enterprises and independent state bodies" implemented by IDSCS and financed by the UK through the UK government.

Last week we had an awesome external event. We hosted a QA workshop "Pursuing the quality in software" for 8 attendees. The purpose of this workshop was to create awareness for the QA position, to process all the methods and aspects that includes this area and explain the main difference between QA and Tester.

If you work with software development I’m sure that you’ve already heard words like BDD, TDD, ATDD, etc. But, have you heard about SBE? SBE or Specification by Example is a collaborative method for specifying requirements and test.

Traditionally, coding has been associated with competences considered masculine, linked to the size of the amygdala, or the left side of the brain, such as logical-mathematical reasoning, focusing on results, etc., etc.

There has been a lot of talk going on lately about the revolution in the world of web programming with PWA or Progressive Web Apps, but what exactly are they?

Do you know the real functions of a QA? Do you know the main difference between QA and Tester? Are they heroes or villains? Let’s see the most common myths of the process of testing and try to resolve the doubts.

For the love of the sacred "customer experience", brands and companies are willing to extend the red carpet to the client and to fill it with pamper and attention. However, in their eagerness to put the customer in the center, companies often neglect those who are another of their great pillars: the employees.

Do you have a business with huge amounts of data? Do you have a lot of unstructured, but valuable data? Do you want instant search and smart analysis? Does it take a lot of time for your client base to receive the product information? Do you want to predict business trends and make proactive decisions based on your data?

Drupal is one of the best CMS (Content Management System) thanks to its versatility, stability, and security. It is an open source solution without limits and it is not surprising that many companies opt for this system to create and manage their website.

Yet Another Knowledge Sharing Session because "knowledge is power" and "sharing is caring"! And at we do care about each other and we have the power, that's why we started our event YAKSS.

Getting a stable job can be a real feat when you do not know where to start. The effort, the energy, and the professionalism showed by the students or graduates in the places of internship can determine if they will stay as employees there or not.

After months of hard work, we’re excited to announce our new and improved Drupal 8 website. With a fresh look and intuitive design, we designed it with you in mind.

Endomarketing is one of the most effective ways to reduce turnover (employee turnover rate) and attract new highly qualified professionals to the company.

The strategy helps to create an image of a good place to work and it becomes the dream job for many people.

Getting satisfied clients with the products and/or services offered is one of the main concerns of today's organizations since meeting their expectations has become an indispensable factor to build a relationship of trust with them and ensure the positioning in the sector.

More and more companies are striving to extract value from the huge amount of information stored in their databases. Client names, financial variables, consumption habits ... everything is susceptible to being analyzed and processed in simple metrics on which business executives can make better decisions.

Impact Mapping is a collaborative technique created by Gojko Adzic to visualize connections and make decisions based on the business objectives, participants and the impacts that they want to generate in their behavior through tangible deliverables.

Normally we talk about Tester and Quality Assurance (QA) as if they were the same professional profile. However, they are two very different roles. Resembling both profiles is like saying that a developer and an analyst are exactly the same.