We Offer

Product development

We provide a full development lifecycle when it comes to software product development, starting from product research, product development, software development and quality assurance, integration with external systems and software operation and maintenance. As a reliable IT partner, iBorn develops a beneficial, interactive process to provide the most valuable product for our customers’ needs.

The product development process requires keeping the highest standards for code quality and software development design.

Our vast IT skills and knowledge enables us to design and build new software products and enterprise systems for companies in the :

Software Development

Besides Product development we also offer Software development, intended for improving, extending and maintaining our customer’s existing products and working processes.Our mission is to exceed expectations and help our customer to maximize the success, whether it’s a new start-up, B2B custom solution or B2C platform. Our application management process and maintenance are a perfect addition to the software development process. It allows our clients not to be concerned about their operational risks related to hardware and software and can rely on our experienced engineers.

We guarantee secure, stable and reliable system operations.Organizations and companies with limited IT infrastructure and resources can benefit from our services and still get their complete IT operations and maintenance in an effective way, yet still receive a high-quality service - on time.

IT Consultancy

Our consultancy services are designed to help our clients enhance their IT capabilities by making the right technical decisions and deliver the best business value. We assist our clients by offering software solutions and consultancy which will help them increase productivity and efficiency and minimize manpower and cost. By solving hard technical and business problems we are providing highly effective recommendations for improvement.

With a dedicated support, extensive development lifecycle and total quality management expertise, iBorn is exceptionally qualified to provide high class services.

We offer a range of consultancy engagements that cover the following areas:

We specialize in


The purpose of technology in healthcare is to improve the speed and quality of healthcare services and reduce the operating costs at the same time. IT systems can provide archiving and searching of healthcare information, finding suitable treaters by various parameters, decrease costs by using statistics to make smarter decisions, automate communication and document generation, and much more.

Our experience in this area enables us to detect, specify and automate processes, design business specific solutions and build them from the ground up. The web based solutions we provide are perfect for healthcare teams that need to provide services to a large number of patients every day.

We provide the development and consulting services which are required to produce innovative IT solutions for the healthcare industry, and at the same time we stay focused on your unique business needs. Let us help you increase the effectiveness of your business and decrease the efforts and operating costs on your part.


Insurance is a fast growing business, and that success is in large part owed to IT solutions that help automatize processes, archive data, access needed information, integrate product catalogues and business rules, keep track of client related data, create offers, integrate communication with clients, automatically create purchase and sales invoices, do reporting and analysis and what not.

The solutions we provide in this are built using modular architecture so that they can accommodate to different business needs. We use web technologies to provide secure remote access so that the employees can do their work from anywhere.

Over the past several years we have been building, improving and maintaining such solutions with great success, and that is why we can bring great value to the insurance businesses.


Education is what pushes civilization forward. All that we have accomplished is due to our education and knowledge, a foundation that we invest in every single day. Our goal is to use them to create and provide high-quality services and tools that will give back and improve education on a large scale

This a fast growing and changing field, with more and more content that needs to be distributed to an increasing number of end users. The content is also improving, with rich multimedia courses, videos, presentations and various files being published every moment.

Our solutions adapt in this environment and support the needed scalability. They are tailored for every role in the educational system, like teachers, assistants, students, and even the business sector and companies that provide the next step: careers.

Real Estate

Day by day, more and more living space is created and placed on the market. All of this content for each listing must be saved somewhere. The generated content must be semantic, well defined, structured and easy to find. The solutions we build in this area are tailored to handle such content, and in large quantities.

Our software allows us to find and aggregate content, structure the data and then relate it to similar listings. The data that we store for each listing is also extended to provide the needed meta-data for easy and fast searching, like geographic location, popularity and categories.

We provide different services adapted for the different parties in real estate: realtors, individual sales, construction companies, investors.


E-commerce is gradually replacing all other transactions and establishing itself as the leading way of doing business. Our experience in building product catalogues, pricing structures, invoicing modules, integration APIs and secure systems makes us a reliable partner in this field, for both B2C and B2B solutions.

We design, develop and deploy e-commerce platforms for our clients, and we provide the needed maintenance and support needed to establish a long term partnership. We also provide the needed help in marketing and sales, and performance analysis and statistics for the existing E-commerce solutions.


The necessity of functional, attractive and user friendly website is indispensable. With the expansion of the mobile devices usage, responsive design is something that the clients take for granted. To our clients, we offer the same amount of satisfactory user experience and fully functional features, across devices, by using the latest and ubiquitous CMSs.

We provide full support and assistance in the process of getting familiar with the CMS and its management. Having a satisfied clients who are fully aware and familiar with the product they received, is on the top of our priority list and work ethics.