July 2015

Friday in iBorn

The best way to enjoy a Friday is with something delicious!

June 2015

Bike to work

The number of people going to work by bike is very small in Skopje. But, we are an exception and regularly commute to work using a bike! There are a lot of benefits of biking to work. It is very practical, easy and economical way of transport.

May 2015

Happy Birthday iBorn

On 22nd of May we celebrated the third birthday of iBorn

May 2015

iBorn VS Haselt Footballl Match

We find sport and sport activities very important. Last week, a few of our team members played a football match against Haselt, which is also a software company in Skopje.

April 2015

A Strategy for Growth

We are always looking forward to improving our skills and learning new things! The event took place in the offices of the New Man's Business Accelerator and it was called A Strategy For Growth.

April 2015

Breakfast Before Easter

We continuously put an effort in building strong team spirit and creating positive energy. We find the best way to do that is spending quality time together!

April 2015

International Space Apps Challenge 2015

NASA Space Apps Challenge is one of the biggest hackathons in the world. It was realized in 95 cities worldwide and became one of the most visited hackathons. iBorn was one of the sponsors and special organizer of the event.

February 2015

React.js and Flux Presentation

Our team is continuously improving their skills and advancing its knowledge. Our team member Mitko Chakalov held a presentation about React.js and Flux Architecture. The presentation took place in our offices, on 26-th of February.

April 2014


Informatijada was four-day international event for students and it had educational, competitive and innovative character. The participants had the opportunity to advance their skills, learn new things, brainstorm ideas and turn them into reality.

March 2014


iBorn was one of the participants in KulTip - an event with an innovative character aimed to help the cultural institutions in Macedonia with the use of information technology. The objective of the event was to help the cultural institutions promote their collections and be closer to audiences.

March 2014

International Space Apps Challenge 2014

The International Space Apps Challenge this year had 12775 participants who were working in 133 locations worldwide and 947 projects were submitted.